Monday, 17 March 2014

Hello again. It's time for a long awaited blog update.

We've been busy for the last few months solidifying our story, building sets, texturing characters and developing our look tests.

Ann-Helen has been hard at work developing our color script, basically a selection of colored thumbnails that will dictate how our film will feel using color and light.

Color Script
 The main character has also gotten some love in color development. We went for a bright, almost fiery color for The Wanderer growing duller in his later stages.

The Wanderer, young, adult and old in all his glory.

The adult version of the Wanderer has gotten some textures...

Here is a nice painting that Simon did a while back that has a style we would like to emulate in 3D.

2D look test

The animators have also been hard at work. We'll post an update on that shortly.

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