Saturday, 28 September 2013

The story:

"When the sun rises above the forest a new life begins. The life of the Wanderer. We follow this magnificent forest spirit as it, during the day, travels through its life. What to us seems like a day is a whole life time for the Wanderer.  Slowly it learns to nurture and take care of its nature and bonds with the creatures of the forest. But what does it actually means to be a forest spirit? When you possess such great powers to create, do you then also possess powers to destroy?"

The Wanderer is a story that aims for a poetic and philosophical feel. Rather abstract than narrative. The media is 3D animation with added brush strokes to give a more painted feel. The film will be around 5 minutes long and currently in pre-production. We are slowly moving into production which will start full on in the new year.

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